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A Pirates Life for Me

The color of her eyes were the color of insanity

5 June
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I'm 28.

I'm a damn good Mom. Do not think otherwise because I don't look, act, talk, or think like you.

I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. She is my Light, my Life, my Purpose. Do not mess with a Mother Bear. You will lose.

I am a full blown Jesus Freak.

I don't like most things that are "normal".

I am one of the crudest, most non-stereotypical geeks you will ever know.

I don't care what you think about me really.

I do what I do because I am who I am.

*I keep my enemies at arms length, my friends at my shoulders, and my family in my heart.*

I didn't ask your permission, just your advice.

Did I offend or intrigue you?

1940's, 1950's, 21 jump street, acting, alternative clothing, alternative mothers, bad religion, batman, batmobile, bela lugosi, bettie page, big bands, big walking carpet, bluntness, buddah, buddy holly, candles, captian jack sparrow, cats, celebreality, cheesy workouts, chewbacca, chronicles of narnia, comic con, cous cous, crybaby, daniel johns, danny elfman, dark crystal, dead kennedy's, elvis presely, emotions, esthermarie, ewan mcgregor, eyes, faeries, films, friends, good books, good conversations, grandpa munster, greasers, green day, hands, harliquinn, harrison ford, head, henrik ibsen, honesty, hotrods, huskies, independant people and places, ixi, jack daniels, james dean, jay and silent bob, jean harlow, jim henson, johnny cash, johnny depp, jthm, kevin smith films, labyrinth, legos, liam neeson, lily munster, liquor, lotr, marlon brando, marylin monroe, micheal nesmith, mike nesmith, millineum falcon, mirrormask, monkeemobile, motorcyles, movies, my daughter, my mom, natalie wood, neopets, newsboy caps, nightmare before christmas, passion, people without drama, pepsi, performing, peter tork, pirates, potc, princess leia, punk rock, pyschobilly, randomness, randy scouse git, rent, ricky nelson, rockabilly, rubber duckies, rum, saftey pins, san diego, savannah, sex, shakespeare, silent films, silverchair, single parents, star wars, stickers, supportive family, swing, tattoos, the corpse bride, the joker, the monkees, the munsters, the ramones, the storyteller, the tower bar, the zombie lounge, theater, tim burton, traveling, undead monkey, warwick davies, whiskey, wigs, ww2